Excellence is so much more in CCS


By Supt. Jeff Swensson of Carmel Clay Schools

The Carmel Clay Schools speak proudly about the excellent academic record of our schools, students and staff. Just a glance at the CCS Web site provides a rich harvest of data that demonstrates the high-quality achievement for which our school corporation is known.

But, as any effective public school educator, any student, any parent/guardian in our school corporation would tell you, excellent achievement is comprised of so much more than just the data about how our students are college and career ready. Yes, excellence in our school corporation begins with a powerful academic base for each student. But, the true measure of excellence is CCS is calculated within impressive results our achievement data alone do not convey.

Students in CCS learn much more than can be captured by any standardized test. They are engaged in the intellectual exploration and application of 21st -century habits of mind.  These are skills with which our students collaborate, problem-solve, analyze, synthesize and create. Within just the last several weeks, ample evidence exists that demonstrates how what we teach, and what our students learn, is so much more than mere numbers.

Beyond data and testing, our students express intelligence in compassion from their elementary school experiences, through learning in the middle school years and into Carmel High School. Just one example is the eighth annual Carmel Dance Marathon, which recently brought together 1,200 CHS students to raise money for Riley Hospital.  The largest high school dance marathon in the U.S., CDM has been honored for its ongoing contributions by the Riley Foundation with a teen center at the Simon Cancer Institute named for CDM.

And now, as this column goes to press, our school corporation – students, staff, parent-teacher organizations—is amidst a coordinated effort to provide assistance to the schools in Henryville hit so hard by the recent severe weather in southern Indiana.

Outstanding achievement in our school corporation means making a difference. Outstanding achievement in CCS means using impressive academic ability to improve the world students live in. Outstanding achievement for our students extends, challenges, strengthens and improves what our students will mean to the world. So, a CCS education does add up in a myriad of ways. Our students are learning and growing into individual futures of consequence! ACCS education is constructed out of far more substance than mere numbers.