Fishers Town Council – March 5


Action: Request to annex 87 acres of Barrington Estates Section 2 located south of 136th Street and east of Cyntheanne Road.

  • What it means: Barrington Estates will become part of the town of Fishers. The neighborhood will have similar access to police and fire protection, street and road maintenance and capital improvements including street construction and lighting, sewer and water facilities and storm water drainage facilities as are provided to areas already within the town’s boundaries.

Action: Request to appropriate $750,000 of Cumulative Capital Development funding for infrastructure for the town’s IT department.

  • What it means: The town’s IT department will invest $750,000 into software and hardware infrastructure improvements to computer, audio and video equipment.

Action: Request to approve interlocal agreement with Hamilton County Board of Commissioners for lighting onOlio Road.

  • What it means: The town is looking to install lighting along Olio Road between 96th Street and Geist Reservoir in a project under construction by the Hamilton County Highway Dept.
  • What’s next: The town ofFishers will coordinate withHamiltonCounty’s design consultant to commence design work for the lighting.