I’m a Carmel runner: Adam Scott



Running the Carmel: Marathon

Time as a Carmel resident: Two years, six months

Goal for the 2012 Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend: To qualify for my first-ever Boston Marathon (April 2013)

Why I started running: I originally started running cross-country in seventh grade. I kept running leisurely on and off following high school, but then took several years off following college. However, in 2008, I woke up one day and, for no apparent reason, decided to sign up to run a full marathon. The Carmel Marathon in April will mark my third-ever full marathon.

I run with: The Carmel Runners Club, friends from college or high school and Indy Runners.

Race day lucky charm: Asics running shoes. Without them, I don’t feel like I can run at all.

Advice for new runners: Show up. Push through the initial threshold of discomfort from running. Find friends to run with and hold each other accountable.