Reliability found in Jaguar XK8


Jaguar 2001 XKR Silverstone

The Jaguar XK8 is a grand touring car launched in 1996 and was the first generation of a new XK series. The replacement for the XJS, the XK8 was quite reminiscent of the legendary XKE, utilizing “retro styling”, which was popular in the late ’90s among many manufacturers. The XK8 was available in 2+2 coupé or convertiblewith the new 4.0 litre Jaguar AJ-V8 engine. In 1998, the Supercharged XKR was introduced, producing 400 HP. From 2003, the engines were replaced by the 4.2 litre AJ34 engines in both the normally aspirated and supercharged versions. The first-generation XK series shares its platform with the Aston Martin DB7, as Aston and Jaguar were both under Ford ownership at the time. Both cars are derived from the XJS, although the platform has been extensively changed, including use of the second generation of Jaguars IRS.The car’s aerodynamic design gives it a drag coefficient of just .35.

These are wonderful cars that will retain their desirability for years to come and will see increased appreciation as the years pass. With gorgeous styling, luxuriousinteriors and true supercar performance, it is hard to find something wrong with this car.These cars are reliable, have all the modern goodies and they handle and drive with excitement.The engine will need its timing belt tensioner replaced at about 80,000 miles. Parts and service are easy with a vast dealer network.The Jaguar Club hasmany local events to participate in, and one of best magazines in the hobby.

Most collectible are the 2001 XKR Silverstone with less than 600 made, the 2002 XKR100 with 500 madeand the 2004 XKR Portfolio with 200 made. Expect to pay a premium for these models, but otherwise XK8s are a bargain on the used car market with convertibles in the $12,000 to $18,000 range, and coupés less than $10,000.