Software system saves time, improves efficiency for FPD


The Field Training Tracker, a software system introduced last year, streamlines and standardizes the Fishers Police program. Design for Public Depts. launched the software in 2007 and the FPD made the switch to the paperless training system early last year.

Design PD got its start when Carmel Police Officer Matt Molter recognized the need for these public organizations to cut down on paper documentation for increased efficiency. The local company now serves public works departments throughout the nation.

“‘I love my work, but hate the paperwork’ is a phrase you often hearwhen you ask public safety employees how they really feel about their job,”Molter said.

Design PD’s software is designed to not only streamline the tedious paperwork digitally, but also boost company morale in the process.

The operation of public safety, with departments like fire and police stations, require increasingly large amounts of documentation. Training programs in particular require daily observation and weekly evaluation forms.

Most agencies throughout the nation still rely on hard copies of these, which fill up filing cabinets that collect dust even after employees have left. The management of these documents requires time, is costly and impacts the environment.

The Field Training Tracker digitalizes forms and improves documentation efficiency while saving time. This new Web-based solution allows access to the paperwork from any computer, and the threat of lost documentation is eliminated.

With digital data, the police department is able to compare training programs from a bird’s-eye view. This allows the department to compare trainees, analyze trainers and identify what areas the training is falling behind in.
The advancement of taking the training program digitally will allow the police department and future public safety departments to efficiently train and employee officers, which saves tax payer dollars and best promotes the safety of Fishers.