Serious as a heart attack


A friend of mine recently had a heart attack.  He is a young guy with a healthy lifestyle and few risk factors.  Ironically, this happened while he was returning from the gym after a workout.  He felt pains and, home alone, called my wife.  It went to voicemail.  She noticed the missed call and returned it.  He was short of breath on the other end of the line and complaining about his chest as he asked my wife to come to the house.

Before she left our house, she called 9-1-1.  When she got to his house, he was delusional as the ambulance arrived.  They checked him out and took him away.  He arrived at the hospital and the on-top-of-it medical team had a stint in place in a matter of minutes. As the medical staff joined us in the waiting room, they looked at my wife, thinking it was his, and said, “You saved your husband’s life.”  That was March 11.

The following Wednesday afternoon, I stopped in at the butcher shop to pick up some meat.  I heard the bell on the door ring behind me and, when I turned around, it was my stinted friend.  He was already out of the hospital and, on his way home, was at a butcher shop.  I don’t know if a butcher shop would have been my first stop, but I do love steak and can’t say for sure.

I remember when my grandfather had a heart attack; it was bypass surgery and months of recovery.  I realize my friend was lucky, but still, it’s amazing how the medical profession has progressed.

It was probably Thursday of that same week when I was reading on Facebook, checking out updates of friends.  I see a post about the event.  It starts, “I had a wakeup call last Sunday…” and retells the story and cites how grateful he is for everything.  I read it and was impressed, so I “liked” the story.  The title of the post was “Heart Attack.”  Next to the title it says, “David Cain Likes This.” Maybe next time I’ll just leave a comment instead.

It’s a different world today.  If not for the advances in technology, my friend’s Facebook post may have read a lot differently.  Technology not only allows us to keep up with and learn from others, it can even save your life.