Courtesy when discussing politics



My name is Sheila Triplett and I live in Carmel. I am writing to you about a recent editorial by Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg in the “From the Backshop” section of Current regarding your perspectives on President Barack Obama and his January State of the Union Address.

It is your right as American citizens to disagree with President Obama’s politics and policy. I, personally, have never agreed with everything any politician has espoused. It is, however, my hope and fervent prayer you and all who disagree with President Obama will try to adapt a more civil and less mocking and disparaging tone in your words and deeds, especially as we progress through this election season.

As the publisher and general manager of Current, you have the unique opportunity to serve as voices of positive and proactive change, and be more courteous when discussing candidates and the three major political parties, Democrats, Independents and Republicans, which I listed in alphabetical order. Keep in mind neither all Americans and/or Carmel residents view President Obama’s policies as tantamount to Socialism, nor have an expressed desire to vote him out of office. Please also remember, as Americans, we share common, yet diverse voices.

Dr. Sheila Triplett