Major Moves U.S. 31 Project in Westfield: What to expect this summer


Roundabouts in Westfield –There will be teardrop or dogbone-style roundabouts thatwill control 161st and 191st streets’ cross traffic at the U.S. 31 entrance and exit ramps. Additional roundabouts will be built in the planned Carmel section of U.S. 31.

151st Street and Meridian intersection – During construction, U.S. 31 (Meridian Street) will remain two lanes in each direction from 146th to 191st streets, except during off-peak times, such as nights and weekends. Farther north, where traffic is lighter, U.S. 31 is being restricted to one lane in each direction for construction of the new Ind. 38 interchange.

Access roads in Westfield –Intersection improvements and access to neighboring properties will be built to support the operation of nearby interchanges and conversion of U.S. 31 into a controlled-access freeway. Access roads and other off-line improvements in Westfield will be built at the same time as the interchanges and U.S. 31 lanes with one exception: Off-line improvements for the Ind. 32 exit are planned to precede interchange construction by one year.

Wendy’s in Westfield –This property is in right-of-way negotiations, so this information is not yet available.

Target in Westfield –Some of the needed land purchased for the 151st Street interchange includes parking along the eastern boundary of the Target property, as shown on the project Web site. To view a map, visit