NHS has six medal winners in Mock Trial contest


Noblesville High School Mock Trial medal winners included Abby Root, from left, Sarah Medlin, Sarah Line, Tori Schnoor, Bridget Root and Sara Highers. (Photo provided by Deb Marcum)

Noblesville High School had both of its mock trial teams advance to the semi-finals during the Hamilton County competition.

“Team A earned the No. 1 seed in the tournament, but fell in the semi-final round to Fishers,” explained Deb Marcum, NHS Mock Trial advisor and teacher. “Team B earned a seventh seed in the tournament and upset No. 2 seed Hamilton Southeastern to advance to the semi-final round before losing to eventual champion, Carmel.”

Team A consisted of prosecuting attorneys Sarah Line, a four-year member, and Max Barnes. Defense attorneys were Abby and Bridget Root. Witnesses were Sarah Medlin, a four-year member, Tori Schnoor, a four-year member, Sara Highers, Chris Reagin and Sarah Line doubled as a defense witness. Attorney Bob Becker advises Team A.

Team B consisted of prosecuting attorneys Brian Schnoor and Amanda Hawkins. Defense attorneys were Pete Freeman and Luis Sorto. Witnesses were Molly Hopper, Austin Lugo, Nate Pearce, MacKenzy Reynolds and Joe Wiegand. Attorney Scott Smith advises Team B.

While neither team may have advanced to the finals, Marcum said NHS had the most medal winners. A total of six NHS students were honored for a job well done during the competition. They include Abby Root, Sarah Medlin, Sarah Line, Tori Schnoor, Bridget Root and Sara Highers.

Marcum explained mock trial cases alternate year to year from criminal to civil. This year was a criminal case.

“The case was a murder/accident on the shores of Lake Michigan. Did Captain Gale Storm murder the Way family on his charter boat for drug money, or was it an accidental death due to a storm? The case is originally ruled accidental, but there is one surviving family member,” she explained. “The survivor was a child at the time of the death of the Way family. After having a memory lapse, the only eye witness now claims the captain murdered the family. The case is reopened as a result of the recovered memory and a blackmail scheme over smuggling illegal drugs from Canada.”

During the contest, students must prepare to argue either side of the case as attorneys and witnesses.


NHS Mock Trial medal winners

Sarah Line earned a $500 scholarship from the Hamilton County Bar Association as best overall participant. She has been a lawyer for four years and also served as the key witness for the defense this year.

Sarah Line: Best Witness for her portrayal as Gail Storm

Abby Root: Best Defense Attorney

Bridget Root: Best Defense Attorney runner-up

Sarah Medlin: Best Witness runner-up for her portrayal as Tai Knotts

Tori Schnoor: Best Witness runner-up for her portrayal as Sage Leigh

Sara Highers: Best Witness runner-up for her portrayal as Beau Vine