Session wrap-up: 2012


The 2012 Legislative Session has concluded. Legislation passed this session will continue to lead Indiana down the right path and make Indiana a better place to live, learn and work.

With the passage of key pieces of legislation, we will phase out the inheritance tax, streamline state government, create a health care compact, increase funding for full-day kindergarten, provide additional aid to State Fair victims and strengthen the Automatic Taxpayer Refund.

Phasing out Indiana’s inheritance tax is going to help thousands of Hoosiers who own small businesses and family farms. These hardworking Hoosier families often have to sell off land or capital just to pay for the death tax. This legislation will also help Indiana retain senior citizens who often take up residence in other states to avoid the added taxation.

Many states have already made this move and Indiana was only one of eight states that continued to have an inheritance or “death” tax. Starting this year, the tax will be gradually phased out during the coming years.

This session, we have also eliminated unnecessary, outdated or duplicative boards, commissions and committees and have reduced the number of gubernatorial and legislative appointments. This was needed to streamline Indiana state government and to make it smaller and more efficient – always good things.

Another good bill passed creates a Health Care Compact, which upon approval by Congress, will allow Indiana to be primarily responsible for the regulation of health care in our state. This bill is needed because federally-mandated health care will increase the national debt, raise taxes, require burdensome reporting requirements for all businesses and increase health care costs to states and to families. With the adoption of an HCC, Indiana is now allowed to suspend all federal laws, regulations and orders concerning health care are contrary to state law.

We were also able to provide an additional $80-$100 million dollars to the full-day kindergarten grant program. Other accomplishments include helping military families, removing synthetic drugs from store shelves, making Indiana a Right-to-Work state and passing a human trafficking law.

We passed many important and needed pieces of legislation this session. Bills passed make investments in Indiana’s future and will keep our state growing and improving. The 2012 Legislative Session was a success for all Hoosiers.