Buy Apple for nowhere near $600


These exchange-traded funds have huge Apple (AAPL) holdings at a fraction of the full share price.


Select Sector Technology SPDR (XLK): Just what it sounds like, the Technology SPDR fund holds S&P 500 technology companies in a number of fields, such as information technology, telecom and semiconductors. AAPL shares make up a hefty 18.4 percent of the fund, and you also get exposure to other tech giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Google – for $30, a mere fraction of AAPL’s share price. And even its expenses are bargain-basement at a mere 0.18 percent.

IShares Dow Jones U.S. Technology (IYW): IYW is a heavy Apple hitter, weighting the stock at more than 21 percent. Unlike XLK, it tracks the Dow Jones U.S. Technology Index, but the premise is the same: broader technology companies. Intel joins Google, IBM, Microsoft and Apple in the iShares fund’s top five holdings. IYW can be bought for around $77 per share, and its 0.47 percent expense ratio is about average for its category.

PowerShares QQQ (QQQ): QQQ tracks the Nasdaq 100, so while it’s heavily weighted with technology companies, it also holds media titan News Corp. and java master Starbucks. Still, Apple is the big kahuna, making up 18.3 percent of the fund, and you can buy QQQ shares for around $67, along with a scant 0.2 percent expense ratio.