I’m a Carmel runner: Jeff Hunt


I’m running the Carmel: 8K

Number of years as a Carmel resident: Five in August.

Goal for the 2012 Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend: I’d like to complete it at less than 8 minutes a mile.

Why I started running: About three years ago, I went up two flights of stairs at work and was winded at the end. That is completely unacceptable for a 35-year-old man. I started running and weight training that week and haven’t looked back.

Favorite place to run in Carmel: The Monon Community Center.

One word to describe what running means to me: Sanity.

How running/exercise has changed my life: I went from a 35-year-old going downhill to a 37-year-old with my whole life in front of me. Activity with my boys is now easy and enjoyable.