Zionsville Town Council



Action:The Zionsville Town Council on March 21 voted to table a proposal for an Additional Appropriation Resolution that would provide funding for the development of a modified feasibility analysis; an economic impact analysis; and an identification of funding options related to the construction and operation of a 3,000 to 4,000 seat, multipurpose facility inside Zionsville town limits.

  • Norton

    What it means:Should the Council approve the proposal, a feasibility study and/or economic impact analysis would begin. The feasibility study would take at least eight weeks to complete, and would likely center around land near Interactive Academy on U.S. 421. The study would determine, among other things, if the Zionsville community could support such a venture. It’s expected an arena of this type would be largely owned by private interests, with limited public involvement. The facility would likely be a $10 million to $15 million undertaking.

  • What’s next:The Town Council will vote whether or not to move forward with an analysis upon hearing a report from Dax Norton, executive director of the Boone County Economic Development Corporation. That decision will occur during the scheduled May 7 Council meeting.