I’m a Carmel Runner: Michael McCartin


Presented by the Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend


  • I’m running the Carmel: KeyBank 8k
  • Number of years as a Carmel resident: 10
  • Goal for the 2012 Carmel Marathon Championship Weekend: Beat my time from last year.
  • Why I started running: It’s primal; it’s what our bodies were meant to do.
  • Favorite place to run in Carmel: Technically not Carmel, but Towne Run Trail Park.
  • I run with: Just me and my iPod.
  • When I’m not running, I: brew beer … it helps keep me balanced in life!
  • One word to describe what running means to me: Challenging.
  • How running/exercise has changed my life: Makes me a better husband and father because it’s a stress reliever; it also keeps me young!
  • Race day lucky charm(s): Oatmeal and omelet in the morning.
  • Advice for new runners: You can go farther than what you think.
  • Why I decided to run a race: I didn’t have anything else planned.