Benefits in proposed school referendum



I was disappointed with your recent article regarding the proposed school referendum because I felt it was presented as if there would be no benefit to residents without children if it were to pass. There are two main advantages to our community by enhancing our children’s education, whether you have children or not. The first main benefit of a high-quality school system is our property values. Many people seek out Zionsville as their place of residence because of the excellent reputation our schools have had in the past, and as result, Zionsville homes are higher priced than surrounding communities. As the quality of our community’s schools declines, so will the value of our homes. It seems the extra money paid in taxes would be worth keeping the resale value of our homes intact. Secondly, our nation is losing its foothold as a world power and starting to be surpassed by other nations such as China and India. It is in everyone’s best interest to make sure our education system is of the highest level. The future state of our nation depends on how well we teach our future scientists, political leaders and innovators.

Melissa Brewer