Caring Kids help Henryville victims


Taylor Seupaul and Daniel Adelfinsky

Shamrock Springs Elementary School is connecting with the victims of Henryville tornadoes through art and working as a team to make it happen.

Caring Kids, a student-council type group of 12 fourth-grade students, were creating screen prints along with fellow classmates for art class when compassion triggered creativity.

Brooke Pearson, Caring Kids leader and third-grade teacher, said the students saw an opportunity to team with another student-led organization to create something bigger than themselves.

The art co-op group is composed of second- through fourth-grade students who are passionate about art and choose to create whatever their imaginations lead them to.

“The students began making Indiana-themed screen posters and thought they could sell them at our Spring Spectacular to raise money for Henryville students,” Pearson said. “It was their work that made it happen. They advertised the posters on morning announcements and collaborated on how they can promote it.”

The $5 posters helped students raise $165 for Henryville victims at the Spring Spectacular. Now, the students want to continue making art to help others.

“They’ve learned how collaboration can help others, and they want to continue,” Pearson said. “Through this, they’ve learned about empathy. They’ve learned how it feels and they’ve learned how empathy is what connects people.”

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