Carmel man indicted for $1M in fraud


According to the Dept. of Justice press release, Donald Hamilton of Carmel, 49, has been charged by the federal government with one count of health care fraud, five counts of false statements in a health care matter and two counts of money laundering.

Hamilton allegedly used Hamilton Medical Inc., a company of his, to generate false invoices for custom-made compression stockings manufactured by Compression Etc., of which Hamilton has a controlling interest. The invoices inflated the price of the stockings by three times before being sent to the Indiana Medicaid program. He has allegedly defrauded more than $1 million from taxpayer-supported programs.

“This state was built with the basic Hoosier values of hard work, dedication and honesty,” said U.S. Attorney Joseph H. Hogsett. “For those who shun these shared principles, those who succumb to greed and embrace a culture of corruption, this office has a simple message: You will be found, you will be investigated and you will be brought to justice.”

The Dept. of Human and Health Services, FBI, the Internal Revenue Service’s Criminal Investigations and the Indiana Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Unit have been investigating the  case.

Hamilton faces a maximum of 10 years imprisonment for each charge of health care fraud and money laundering, five years for each false statement charge and  a $250,000 fine per charge.