New school board members needed



Attending the Zionsville Community Schools’ board meetings is a frustrating experience. These meetings are pitifully short on financial business and overly long on presentations that would be more appropriate during school-day forums. By the time any substantial business is conducted, few are left in the audience. Maybe that’s the plan?

The ZCS’annual budget involves millions of dollars. When one attends what should be a serious business meeting only to findthere are no printouts of complete financial statements available for the taxpayers,it is inexcusable.

How infuriating to drive pastthe ZCSfootball stadium, with the same artificial turf used by the Colts, and then be told by ZCS administration that teachers will be riffed,resulting inlarger classroom sizes,if the ZCS referendum isn’t passed?

Such excessivecapital project expenditures do affect a school’s general fund.In addition, there are other budgetary excesses, such as employee’s salaries and benefits, including health insurancecoveragemost taxpayers cannot afford for themselves. Somehow, the urgency of this nation’s financial condition has not effectivelyprioritized and restrained ZCS spending.

Zionsville needsto elect new school board members who will bring resolute, independent professionalismto the financial stewardship of ZCS.

Wendy Brant