No practical function for grain elevator



The Mayor is right on the grain elevator issue. It’s time to move forward.

I’ve done several projects for Indiana Landmarks and have helped it save endangered buildings. The cold truth is the grain elevator no longer has a practical function, and the cost of preservation plus the loss of redevelopment revenues are economically overwhelming.

Adaptive reuses have been studied for nearly 10 years. While I respect the gentlemen you quoted, I respectfully offer the question of “What’s the hurry?” is misplaced. It is common for people to presume there’s plenty of time. It is also common for interests to suddenly be aroused when a deadline looms. However, it is unfair to pretend no valid process occurred simply because people weren’t paying attention.

Thank you for an article that was balanced and objectively factual. The site has tremendous redevelopment potential which would benefit the community – economically, aesthetically and functionally – for decades to come. The Mayor and the Redevelopment Commission are moving the community in the right direction here.

Mike Shaver