Construction updates for the season


As summer nears, the familiar routes are becoming populated with orange cones, decreased speed limits and even some road closures.
Major Moves Project: The New U.S. 31 hosted an open house last week at Carmel High School to review updates, changes and how the project’s new timeline affects Westfield residents’ daily lives.

Here’s some of the changes you can expect during the summer and fall months:

U.S. 31 from 136th Street to Greyhound Pass

Reduced speed limit:

Speed limit has been reduced to 40 mph. The decreased limits will be in effect for the entire construction area, until approximately mid-November.

Northbound U.S. 31 into Clay Terrace

Permanent closure:

The far left-turn lane from northbound U.S. 31 into Clay Terrace has been permanently closed.

The right left-turn lane will remain open.

146th Street Trail

Temporary closure:

The Hagan-Burke Trail is undergoing changes. The trail will have intermittent closures during weekdays, but will be open on the weekends. 

The trail closure will allow construction of the Keystone Parkway bridge over the trail.

Local Route Improvements
Various local route improvements (construction scheduled for 2012-2013)

Note: All land acquisition should be complete by the end of 2013.