Please allow us to finish the story


Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg

We noticed a letter to the editor, published by the other newspaper in this town, which took to task our managing editor, Derek Fisher, over quotes he used in his cover story on the schools referendum (Current in Zionsville, March 27). The facts of the matter are, according to Derek (and we stand by him solidly):

  • He met Joan Lyons (the author of the letter in question) on Feb. 7 at SullivanMunce Cultural Center, after he stopped in to inquire about obtaining historical photographs for Current’s “Then & Now” feature.
  • He was introduced to Joan Lyons by Melissa Fanning, development coordinator for SullivanMunce.
  • While speaking with Derek about Current’s potential use of SullivanMunce’s photographs, Lyons also was very forthcoming in a brief chat with Derek about the upcoming school referendum vote.
  • Lyons’ views were offered up in an unsolicited manner, and no affirmation of anything being off the record was given.
  • This meeting was verified as having occurred in a March 22 e-mail reply from Fanning. Derek had e-mailed her for the distinct purpose of making sure he got Lyons’ name correct for the referendum story.
  • Lyons included some photographs from her personal collection in the group, from which Derek selected the “Then & Now” photos. She even made handwritten notes – with the intent to assist Derek – to go along with some of them, identifying dates and locations.

As you can see, it was and shall continue to be all above board as concerns Current in Zionsville. If you ever find anything to the contrary, please write us at We will investigate, respond and reply.

Meantime, we are thrilled with the job Derek has done since joining us in early January (to speak nothing of our decision to bring him aboard). He is an accurate reporter and an engaging writer. If you have a story idea, a news tip or a comment, we urge you to contact him at

By Brian Kelly and Steve Greenberg