Tools for awesome timeline covers


I’m trying to get a decent image uploaded to my Facebook Timeline, but it’s so wide nothing is fitting the way I want it to … any suggestions?

– Carey

Facebook’s Timeline, which became mandatory for business pages on March 30 and will soon be mandatory for all users, allows you to upload a huge cover image that is essentially cropped to look like a panoramic image.

There are a number of ways to deal with this crazy format besides the limited tool Facebook offers.

For more control over a single image, you can use the free web app from Aviary, which makes it simple to crop an existing image or one you upload.

If you want the cover photo to be your own pictures, the easiest way to fill the space is to create a collage so you aren’t trying to fill the space with a single image.

Most of the collage sites are pretty easy to use because they simply grab random images from your existing photo collection and stick them into preformatted templates.

Some of my favorites are and

If you want more control over which images get used, you can use sites like and

If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you can install a free app that allows you to create and upload the cover image from your mobile device using Facebook Cover Designer (search the App Store from your device to install it).

If you are looking for inspiration for that eye-catching Timeline banner presentation, a number of very creative people have uploaded some amazing and artistic cover images that can be found at

If you want to try to pull something that creative off, you can use try the easy-to-use templates at, or if you have Adobe’s Photoshop, you can pull off some pretty advanced tricks by combining your profile image with the theme of your cover image with a template I found at

Despite the uproar from those that don’t like the massive changes, Timeline is here to stay, so you may as well have fun with it!

If you are a business, you should really take some time to learn how Timeline works and how it is impacting how you engage with your fans.