City Council to decide road impact fees


The City of Westfield may see an increase in road impact fees, if passed by the City Council in June. The ordinance, 12-13: Road Impact Fee, provides a study that suggests increasing road impact fees nearly four times the amount of current fees may be required for the city.

Westfield established road impact fees in 2007, when the City Council decided to charge $188 per trip – an average of $1,800 per dwelling area. Prior to 2007, Westfield divided its community by east and west, charging the west side $602 per trip and the east side $284.

According the Westfield Community Development Dept., City Council decided to decrease confusion by charging a community-wide road trip fee of $188 per trip.

As Westfield builds and grows,the WCDD has introduced a zoning improvement plan based on a recent study.

The study authorizes a rate of $401 per trip by looking at building infrastructure and projected costs for the 10 years. The study will also show what specific areas of the city are in need of infrastructure changes. The study shows Westfield will need $401 to keep up with all the improvements projected to be needed in the next 10 years.

Mayor Andy Cook said the study shows increasing the fee from $188 per trip to $410 per trip is needed to keep up with improvements, and the decision for how much or how little the road impact fees will increase is for City Council to decide.

“City Council has to decide what it thinks is correct and digestible,” Cook said. “The difference (between the money authorized in the study and what the Council decides to charge)is if we don’t come up with the funds, we begin to experience gridlocks we’re having at our intersections today.”

Road impact fees for neighboring communities:

  • Zionsville – $90 per trip
  • Fishers – $237 per trip
  • Noblesville – four separate, average 110 Zones infrastructure needs within each zone