Reserve spot now for city’s campout


Maybe we’ve been living under a rock (quiet, please!), but we recently heard from folks on the East Coast about a community campout. The whole family went. It was a blast, they told us. (Imagine! Fireside ghost stories about Ted Kennedy or Barney Frank. Horrors!) It never occurred to us that these things happen. Then we read our own paper. Whoops! There was one in Noblesville last year. It sold out. Well, now we know that in four days, the City of Noblesville’s Parks and Recreation Dept. will be playing host to another such event at Forest Park – and it’s part of the coast-to-coast National Wildlife Federation Great American Backyard Campout. The park opens at 4 p.m. You will need to provide sleeping bags, your own food and other camping gear. The parks staff will help with setup and will run activities. If you want to participate but have no gear, REI Castleton (585-1938) will rent it to you. Pre-registration is required for this event, and the cost is $15 per family. To do so, please call 770-5750.

* * *

We’re adding Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to our list of heroes. By first staunchly and successfully campaigning against mandatory membership in unions for workers and then surviving a recall election, we believe he has the right stuff to eventually make a serious run at the White House. The guy has smarts, guts and determination, all of which, in our view, have been sorely missing components of the modern-day Republican Party. He and Chris Christie, the fast-moving, no-nonsense governor of New Jersey, can lead our parade any day.