Reader couldn’t agree more



Your “Pay Dirt or Dirt Pay?” column (Dec. 11) really struck a chord with me. I have long thought that executive largess has been a long-tolerated hypocrisy that usually hides behind thin arguments about “capitalism” and competitive conditions. Now, I’m a capitalist, but do recognize abuses of an otherwise good system when they are so prevalent.

Your observation about the governor’s salary vs. presidents’ of universities just capped my concerns – way out of balance. I had hoped to find internet information on the salary for mayor Jim Brainard in Carmel, supt. Libbie Conner in Noblesville and a few other examples of suspected excess, but have so far not succeeded. I believe Conner’s salary is about $150,000, which is grossly inflated for value received and degree of complexity when compared with the governorship. Like other high executive salaries, it establishes an umbrella effect – an upper limit under which salaries of assistants creep upward, usually unnoticed. Also, shouldn’t Indiana University basketball coach Tom Crean’s salary be solely sourced from basketball events – or at least any premium above a taxpayer-provided salary equivalent with the governor’s? Keep up the attention on the topic.


A. Charles Clark