Civic payment not in arrears



I was concerned to read the erroneous headline about Civic Theatre in the last week’s edition of Current in Carmel. The statement regarding a late payment is simply not true! The purchase payment under the existing agreement is not due until Dec. 31 of this year. Since that date has not yet arrived, it is clear that the payment is not in arrears.

Within Civic’s current agreement with the Carmel Redevelopment Commission, there are a number of points that are now obsolete and need to be renegotiated. This existing agreement was executed in November 2010, prior to the construction of the Tarkington. As you can appreciate, many issues in the daily operation of the Tarkington were not anticipated in that document.

We anticipate that in the very near future, all relevant parties will have approved the amended agreement and the required purchase payment will be made.

Thank you for working with Civic to ensure our smooth transition into the community of Carmel. We have taken a big step by moving our theatre and patrons into Hamilton County. Approximately 50 percent of our previous patron base has remained with us. To our delight, our audience is now comprised of slightly more than 50 percent from the Carmel community. Prior to our move, only 10 percent of our ticket buyers were from Hamilton County. In addition, we currently have the largest number of season subscribers in Civic’s history! We are excited to grow with Carmel. Thank you for being a supporter of our mission and advocate for our success within the community.


Cheri Dick

Executive Director, Booth Tarkington Civic Theatre