Reclaimed furniture to be sold at new “shabby chic” store

A reclaimed piece of furniture by Angie Bochan. (Submitted photo)
A reclaimed piece of furniture by Angie Bochan.
(Submitted photo)

One person might look at an old end table and see a piece of junk.

But Angie Bochan sees something she can transform into a treasured piece of furniture.

That’s why she’s opening Junqtique, a new store located at 931 N. Range Line Road behind the Dairy Queen.

Bochan is looking to find unique chairs, dressers, tables, armoires and more and repurpose them into a fun “shabby chic” look. She scours through yard sales, auctions, Web sites and second-hand stores to find quality pieces that she can repair, paint and turn into something new.

“You name it, if it’s good, we’ll get it,” she said.

And the furniture might look like expensive antiques, but Bochan said the prices will be reasonable. She said the most anything would ever cost is $500.

“I don’t like to pay more than a hundred dollars for a piece unless it’s really unique,” she said. “And I love painting the furniture, so I don’t mind getting people a really good deal.”

It all started when Bochan was working on her home. She discovered the new pallet wood wall in her bedroom didn’t match the furniture anymore. Instead of buying a whole new bedroom set, she decided to take it into her own hands and paint her existing pieces. Everyone loved her creations and urged her to do more.

Bochan won’t have a huge space to start with. She’s planning to store extra reclaimed pieces at a nearby storage unit on the other side of Range Line. But the store itself should look really cool, she said. Bochan found some antique Victorian wood and an antique Victorian staircase. She wants the space itself to be a representation of the kind of unique work she can do for her customers.

Bochan does have a partner, Ashley Shane, who makes furniture out of reclaimed pallet wood.

An opening is expected in mid-December.