Cook seeks third term as Westfield mayor



Andy Cook is looking to retain his title as the City of Westfield’s only mayor after filing his candidacy. Cook will be looking for his third term as the city’s top leader.

“She (Barbara) has allowed me to run one more time,” Cook joked. “The truth is I’m still having fun. I think we’re accomplishing a whole lot. We had a phenomenal year with the return on our investment and had a huge increase in assessed value.”

As of publication time, Cook is unopposed but is prepared to face opposition in May.

“I’ve run three different elections and have had a Republican and Independent/Democrat opponent every time,” he said. “In the past seven years I’ve ran six campaigns.”

The Consumer Advocacy site, NerdWallet, recently released its annual study, “Best Cities for Young Families in Indiana” and ranked Westfield No. 2 out of the state’s 109 cities that the company researched.

“In the study, Westfield has more families with children than any city in Indiana and I see that as a huge reaffirmation of what we are trying to do here in the city – be a family-oriented community with great schools, recreation and businesses and I want to continue that,” Cook said.

Cook said his goals for the next four years are to move forward on the city’s major projects planned and continue to show taxpayers a return on their investment on other projects, such as Grand Park.

In 2007, Cook was the town council president and worked to transition Westfield into becoming a city on Jan. 1, 2008. He is in his second term as mayor.