Carmel roundabout to get facelift


By Anna Skinner

Westfield drivers may be affected by the facelift the Main Street and Keystone Parkway roundabout in Carmel will be receiving beginning Sept. 28.

According to a press release from the City of Carmel, the facelift aims to create a more visually appealing roundabout with a “decorative stone wall within the center island on each side of Keystone Parkway.” Landscaping will also be completed, and the wall will be constructed in the shape of a “Fibonacci curve.”

The first phase of the renovation will last until Thanksgiving. The second phase will begin in the spring of 2016 to finalize the planting of flowers inside the roundabout and along the edges.

Lane restrictions can be expected, but Main Street will remain open. The facelift project will cost Carmel $539,894. According to the press release, the cost will be funded by the 2010 COIT Bond, which also helped fund the Main and Keystone Parkway roundabout.

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