Opinion: A third house update


Commentary by Danielle Wilson

I apologize for once again harping on about our kitchen remodel, but the experience is so overwhelming that I can think of little else. We are heading into either Week 6 or 7 (I’ve lost track) of no sink, disposal, dishwasher or countertops, and new in the last few days, also no main floor toilet. I mention this because our oldest son’s bedroom is adjacent to this bathroom, and he cannot contain his frustration at having to climb stairs and cut through a sibling’s room to use the facilities in the middle of the night. Okay! We get it. We’ve ruined your life. Now suck it up and deal. For the love of all that is holy, just please. Stop. COMPLAINING!

On a positive note, we finally installed new flooring, so we no longer have to worry that we’re breathing fecal-contaminated air. But now our overweight, anxious, ear-infected Labrador, who used to love running herself silly around the living and family rooms, can barely function. The change has left her quiet, withdrawn and seemingly depressed. A welcome change from her normal shenanigans, certainly, but I do kind of feel sorry for her. Kinda.

And my husband and I finally snapped. A “discussion” the other day quickly escalated, driving me to tears and Doo to major schmuck-dom. At the end we realized most of the issues were stress-based, thanks to our home having been a barely-livable S-box for almost two months. Why don’t I see this kind of drama on Fixer Upper or Property Brothers? I watched HGTV religiously in preparation for this reno, and never once did I see families ready to rip each other apart. There were disagreements, yes, but all the shows made kitchen redo’s look effortless, even fun. Not cool, Joanna Gaines! Not cool.

Supposedly, the insanity will end in a few days when the last of the “biggies” arrive, our countertops. Within the week, the kitchen should be restored, and hopefully, domestic order, too. And then I’ll return to writing about more exciting topics, like working-mom guilt and the infinite uses of Clorox. Yay! Peace out.