Letter: Signals hardly the solution


Deputy Mayor Steve Cooke,

Your report on improved traffic signals is a step in the right direction, but hardly the solution to really help downtown Noblesville, as well as the whole city.

1. While “tinkering” with traffic signals, 48-foot semi trucks, construction trucks, garbage trucks, frequent over-size equipment or trucks and oil tankers continue to “plow” through the heart of our city. In short, this is a major obstacle to what you and the people want our town to be and can be. Meanwhile, more and more towns are prohibiting trucks in the center of town to meet expansion, real improvement and pedestrian safety.

2. The above might explain why towns like Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, etc. recently received $1 million from the (Indiana Dept. of Transportation), while we received “table scraps” of $458,000 for road improvement.

Why we received less than half than the others deserves an explanation.

James Gaetano