Westfield City Council approves The Depot at Springmill Station

CIW COM 0124 Depot1
An example of possible architectural elements to be used in The Depot at Springmill Station development. (Submitted photos)

By Anna Skinner

The Westfield City Council voted unanimously Jan. 9 to approve The Depot at Springmill Station, an 18-acre mixed-use development.

CIW COM 0124 Depot2
An alternate concept plan for The Depot at Springmill Station includes a fire station on 1.5 acres.

The development would be placed at the southwest corner of Springmill Road and 161st Street. Prior to its approval, the council was notified that the Springmill Station Task Group – a group of volunteers that determined architectural standards, uses and more near the area – approved of the project.

“We’ve had the Springmill Station group working on this, and I think they agree on the outcome and are very positive about this,” said Jim Ake, the new city council president.

“To the Springmill Station Task Group, the staff and also the petitioner, you’ve been working for years, literally, on this project,” councilor Cindy Spoljaric added. “The attention to detail I think shows, and I’m hoping will be evident in the final project. I appreciate your efforts for the last several years in this project.”

The development includes two concept plans, neither of which has been implemented. The first option includes a bank at more than 3,500 square feet; an office/retail space at approximately 24,000 square feet; retail space of approximately 15,000 square feet; a grocery of approximately 29,000 square feet; a restaurant of approximately 2,500 square feet; two retention ponds; two office buildings at approximately 25,000 square feet each; and two mixed-use areas at approximately 5,000 square feet each. Various pathways and open spaces also are incorporated into the development. The second option would replace one of the mixed-use areas and reduce the two 25,000-square-foot office spaces to one 42,000-square-foot office space to allow for a fire station to possibly be built on 1.5 acres of the development.

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