Letter: Simple steps can clarify tax issue



Several interesting articles in last week’s paper about the Whitestown/Zionsville identity issue. Maybe this is something that should be considered when annexations are being proposed. It also could be avoided with just a few simple steps from each municipality’s planning department. How about this:

Your mailing address is: Zionsville

Your school system is: Zionsville

Your taxing unit is: Zonsville/Whitestown

This might force municipal employees to understand their municipality a little better and that just because you annex an area that does not change the school corporation for that area or the current mail delivery center for that area.

Also, when you annex an area, you “create” a new taxing unit. The Zionsville/Whitestown taxing unit has a different tax rate that the Whitestown taxing unit.

I also did not understand how L.A. Cafe, which is in the Whitestown taxing unit and is delivered by the Whitestown Post Office or this Circle K Subway, if it also has a Whitestown address and delivered by the Whitestown Post Office, has an issue. Especially L.A. Cafe, they have been around before Zionsville had its Food & Beverage tax.

This is an issue the Indiana Dept. of Revenue needs to clear up. You would think when you receive money, you would know where it comes from, and you would think the employees of your government would know whether or not that entity is part of your municipality or not.

Candace Ulmer, Zionsville