Letter: A solution for sidewalks, surplus shrubs



As the official non-mayor of Carmel, I was walking roundabout the city (pun) the other day and came upon two facts which, when placed together, suggest a huge advantage for us Carmelistics.

Fact A: Workmen are busy planting perennials and other greenery in and among the roundabout decorate concrete works, whatever they are. The workmen have more of Nature’s bounty than even the infinite number of roundabouts can absorb.

Fact B: Carmel has a pitifying case of sidewalk blemishes. If inner-city chic involves catastrophic walkway blotches, we Carmeletics run chic into uncharted territory.

Huge Advantage: Take the surplus greenery (for which you have already paid) and plant it in the chasms in our footways and cement paths.

Then, come spring, the city USA Today adores will be abloom in ways of which we can be proud.

Plant, Carmel, plant.

Bill Shaffer, Carmel