Letter: Fred Glynn: A steady and principled voice in a changing county



Politics in Hamilton County feels different than it did just a decade ago. The infiltration of liberal fiscal policy, special interest influence, and big vendor money has shaken the foundation of Hamilton County’s position as the state’s bastion of conservatism. This election, more than those past, seems to have been overtaken by “progressive” Republicans who are funded by vendors and political insiders. This shift in our local politics is frightening. Yet amidst the fog of this insurrection, there is a true fiscal conservative fighter who is shining through this election cycle – one who voters should make their flag-bearer for fiscal responsibility and principled governance.

Fred Glynn has proven himself to be a true conservative with a steady hand and principled view of government that is refreshing and reenergizing. He is funded almost entirely by small donations and has not received a dime from any vendor who does business with the county or any of its municipalities. Fred supports spending when necessary, he has voted to: (1) fund new parks like the Koteewi archery range; (2) support public safety by approving a $8 million expansion of the county jail to support population growth; and (3) improve key county infrastructure projects like the Keystone Parkway Flyover. He has done so responsibly, with a refusal to raise taxes on county residents, and an eye toward shrinking government and reducing spending. Fred has kept his balance by laser-focusing on government waste. Fred has refused to fund pet environmental projects, voted to cut funding to entities that do not perform government functions, and blocked county contracts from being awarded to political insiders and special interests.

Fred Glynn is, in every way, a true taxpayer hero. Fred is quoted as saying, “It is a false narrative that we have to choose between good government and fiscal responsibility.” This philosophy, while increasingly rare in local government leadership, has worked – and Fred Glynn has been its champion. There is no better proof of Fred’s effectiveness in these areas than the fact that he has been endorsed by both the Hamilton County Fraternal Order of Police and the Fiscal Conservatives of Hamilton County! Now, more than ever, we need Fred Glynn to hold government and its insiders accountable to the people it represents.

Please join me in voting for a true conservative in the Republican Primary on May 8. Join me in voting for a candidate who truly works for taxpayers, and not special interest. Join me in voting to reelect Fred Glynn to the Hamilton County Council so that we can have a dependable, reliable conservative voice during these uncertain times.

Sue Lile