Zionsville United Methodist Church celebrates becoming debt-free by burning mortgage


The Zionsville United Methodist Church congregation gathered on the church’s front lawn April 29 for a mortgage-burning ceremony. The event celebrated the church becoming debt-free after paying $8 million for its mortgage since groundbreaking in 2000.

“We are really grateful for all that has happened here over the many years,” Rev. Glenn Howell said during the ceremony. “One of the things we know is that people who are the most generous are people who have felt God in their life. People who know that God has given to them have such gratitude.”

Howell, a former senior pastor of the church, said money can now be directed to different ministries within ZUMC, such as the children’s ministry, the Ten Point Coalition or Mission Guatemala.

“We have the capacity to do amazing things,” he said. “The very fact we are burning this mortgage today means we see and feel God and what an incredible church this is.”

Kyle Wietholter, president of the church trustees, burned the mortgage. The congregation then sang hymns.

For more about ZUMC ministries, visit zumc.org.