Carmel residents star in Bravo series ‘Flipping Exes’


Nina Klemm and Michael LeSure make for unusual business partners.

The Carmel residents dated for a stretch of time they can’t even agree on, yet decided to form a house-flipping business called Flipping Exes three years ago

The Bravo network saw the potential for a reality show on their home design and real estate business. “Flipping Exes!” debuts at 10 p.m. Aug. 6 on Bravo. The first season has seven episodes in which the couple finds homes in need of repair or redesign and turns them around to sell.

“I feel the viewers are going to see the dynamic that we do genuinely, sincerely care about each other,” Klemm said. “I’m very upfront and dramatic because I do have a big personality. The dynamic of him dealing with that is pure comedy in itself sometimes. We get on each other’s nerves and there is a lot of drama because we are two completely different people. But at the end of the day, Michael and I do care about each other. I don’t think I’ll kill him, in the meantime.”

LeSure, who is a financier who oversees construction, said the fact they have different personalities creates a balance.

The partners do some of their house flipping in Carmel, which Klemm described in a show promo as “Beverly Hills of the Midwest” and “a real estate gold mine.”

The Flipping Exes business started after Klemm and LeSure broke up.

“The show follows our overall process of how we acquire houses, develop a budget and Nina’s role in beautifying a house,” he said.

Klemm has been a licensed Realtor for 10 years.

“My experience has really helped our flipping business. Working with buyers day-in and day-out really helps me transfer visions of what a client is looking for into a home,” Klemm said. “I had flipped a few houses before Michael even entered my life. Being a Realtor was my primary job and I would (flip homes) on the side, one or two a year, starting in 2011.”

The vision isn’t always shared.

“As you will see in the show, Michael and I definitely don’t see eye to eye 99.9 percent of the time,” Klemm said

However, LeSure said Klemm’s vision usually wins out.

“I do feel like I have to reel her in a lot and let her know we are in business to make money,” LeSure said. “But her vision in terms of what she wants the house to eventually look like, I feel she definitely wins on that. She has a good eye and knows what is current and relevant. Budget-wise, she doesn’t win out on that all the time because there are things that just don’t make sense in terms of what she wants to do with a house and it being economically sound.”

Klemm said she met LeSure when he was a Sunday school teacher for her sons.

One thing the two can’t even agree on is how long they dated.

“Depends on who you ask. Michael forgot to tell me we were broken up, so my time frame and his are a little different,” Klemm said. “Maybe six months different, but we make it work.”

LeSure said there was clear documentation of communication.

“Let’s disagree to disagree,” said Klemm, who said she believed they dated more than a year and LeSure thinks it was less.

LeSure said seeing the finished home product will appeal to the TV audience.

“Our dynamic how we interact should have some appeal and I feel Nina has a dynamic personality, which is a draw,” LeSure said.

Klemm said by listening to her clients has helped understand how to do the flips.

“Every episode I talk what buyers are looking for and why they are looking for it,” she said. “When we flip, I try to incorporate everything a buyer is looking for in that flip.”

LeSure estimates they have flipped 40 houses The more dramatic flips are featured on the show, LeSure said.

“Some houses you can get at a decent price and just need minor things in terms of paint, carpet and counter tops,” he said.