Letter: Retail ruins homesteads



Is it too late to stop the farmland eradication on the Zionsville/Whitestown border roads like CR 650, aka Main Street? It is evidently being rezoned from farm/residential purpose to commercial/retail. At this moment, retail, other business development and now way too much residential over-development is beginning to ruin the very farm-like nature of our homesteads. When we built our homes here a decade ago, we were promised this area would not become a sprawl as had happened in Fishers. We were promised that development would be properly managed as to retain the farm and country-like atmosphere that at that time made this area so desirable a location to build our homes. Were we just being sold a bill of goods, a lie? 

In a letter, I asked (Whitestown Town Manager) Jason Lawson what we could do to stop the overdevelopment. He provided a rote response that “it’s being properly managed.” Well, that’s just not the case, now, is it?

I imagine little can be done to stop the sale of the already rezoned farm real estate into the hands of the ugly retail development world. Is that impossible to do? What can we do at this point to stop the rezoning and ruination of our neighborhoods? I fear that not enough of our neighbors know what’s happening. 

Mark Ableman, Whitestown