Village Station Pizza King to close Aug. 11


The Village Station Pizza King and Pub, a longtime Zionsville fixture, will have one last party weekend before closing Aug. 11. 

Manager Tegan Easton, son of the owner Lynn Easton, said there will be a band Aug. 9, followed by karaoke night Aug. 10 and a band, 3to1, performing 6 to 9 p.m. Aug. 11.

“We’re getting the word out to our customers that we are going to have one last hurrah,” Easton said. “It’s a celebration of sorts as best we can. We’re trying to have a weekend of fun and smiles and move on to the next chapter.”

Easton, 34, has worked in the restaurant since he was 15.

The decision was made recently to close after his mother sold the building, and an agreement on the lease wasn’t reached.

Larry and Lynn Easton opened the Village Station Pizza King in 1985. Larry died at age 67 in 2012.

“The construction around the restaurant is a huge factor, but there are other factors as well,” said Easton, whose restaurant is at 10615 Zionsville Rd.

Easton said the construction along Zionsville Road, between 96th Street and 106th Street, especially hurt the lunch crowd. 

“They’re not going to take the time to drive around and through all the detours,” he said.

Easton said there were approximately a dozen employees left at the restaurant. At its peak, Easton said there were approximately 24 employees.

“This is everything I’ve ever known,” he said. “It’s like a family. People have been coming in for years. We got regulars and children of regulars. It’s just been such a staple of the community for so long. It’s a tough pill to swallow. It’s been my blood, sweat and tears.”

This story will be updated.