Hollingsworth forms new law firm with Roberts Means


A new law firm has been worth the wait for Kena Hollingsworth.

“It’s been a long process, but I couldn’t be happier about the outcome and how everything has shaken out,” the Carmel resident said. “Sometimes, I’m not the most patient person, but trusting the process is always something I can work with. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

Hollingsworth of Hollingsworth & Zivitz will merge with another Carmel-based firm, Roberts Means, to form Hollingsworth Roberts Means LLC, a full-service litigation and family law firm.

Earlier this summer, it was announced co-founder Hollingsworth had reached an agreement to purchase sole ownership of the divorce and family law firm she opened 15 years ago with Christina Zivitz.

Later this year, the new firm will open in a new office building at 12801 E. New Market St. in the Village of West Clay, next to where the Roberts Means office is now.

Bill Means had previously worked with Hollingsworth at her firm for approximately five years. Means left her firm in 2012 to join Jeff Roberts to form their firm.

“He’s a great lawyer. I’ve always thought the world of him,” Hollingsworth said. “We’ve been friends for many, many years. He has done family law almost exclusively, but he has a strong litigation background. He was such an asset when he was here that I hated to see him go. It’s a huge asset to me to have him back.”

Hollingsworth said Roberts’ business background and knowledge also are strengths.

Roberts earned a double major in finance and marketing from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business and worked as a financial analyst for an investment bank before law school.

“It’s been amazing for me to see how efficiently their firm is run,” Hollingsworth said. “I’ve learned a lot in speaking with them. Their culture is very similar to ours. They’re very laid-back and very client focused and wanting to help people. We want our employees to have a work-life balance.”

Hollingsworth said the three attorneys complement each other well.

“We definitely have different skill sets on what we bring to the table,” she said.  “I’m IT-illiterate, and luckily Bill is amazing with that. Jeff is exclusively with the business and financial side. It’s a great combination because my role is more marketing and things like that. It’s been a great blend of skill sets and personalities.”

All three are Indiana University law school graduates.

Accompanying Hollingsworth from her firm are attorneys Genevieve Keegan Bedano, Anne-Marie Briscoe, Kristy Horvath and Ashley Roncevic, along with business manager Hillary Showley. Joining from the RM team, along with Roberts and Means, are attorneys Kimberly McCabe, Angela Hamm and Jamie Meyer.

“Together, we will challenge ourselves and our unified team to raise our standards of client service and efficiency even higher,” Means stated in a press release.

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