Opinion: Grab a rabbit’s foot


Are you superstitious? I am. I truly believe the only way the University of Louisville can win a game is if I wear my Cards T-shirt with a pair of Express jeans and avoid caffeine and pickles for the entire day. And that hearing Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young” in full means a family member is pregnant. I also never take chances with sidewalk cracks, tails-up pennies, spilled salt or black cats, for obvious reasons.

Part of my superstitious nature I blame on genetics. I am a ginger twin and have supposedly inherited special sensory connections to my sister. Although, it’s really only worked one time, and that was on her end. Furthermore, by all accounts, my maternal grandmother was “born under the veil” and therefore had “the sight.”  (I can’t explain what any of this that means, but it sounds cool.) And my mom is extremely intuitive; she always knew when I was “with child,” even before me or Rod Stewart.

So I’ve grown up with both an appreciation for trusting my instincts and the belief that “signs” foretelling the future do exist for those who choose to read them. (Case in point: My favorite show, “This is Us,” had a whole storyline devoted to the Vietnam War; I was then awarded a teaching grant to Vietnam. Coincidence? I think not.)

Anyway, I bring this entire topic up because the most superstitious (and awesome-est) holiday of the year, Halloween, is upon us. Weird things can and will happen, especially if you’re not prepared. So, grab a rabbit’s foot, wear some garlic, and take care around mirrors. And if you hear “Forever Young,” congratulations! Peace out.