Common council approves Belle Tire, fund transfers


Among several other agenda items at its Jan. 28 meeting, the Noblesville Common Council unanimously approved an amendment to allow for the construction of a Belle Tire automobile service business in the Saxony Corporate Campus northeast of Campus Parkway and Boden Road.

Prior to approval, senior planner Joyceann Yelton gave a brief presentation and confirmed that because the overhead garage doors would be on the north side of the building, they would not face Campus Parkway.

Other items approved or heard included:

What happened: The council approved an ordinance for additional appropriations in the debt service/building refunding bonds from 2014. 

What it means: Budget/financial analyst Sam Beres said the bonds are from 2014 and were used to fund renovations to Noblesville City Hall. Beres described the ordinance as a “technical budget clean-up issue.”

“For the last couple years, what happened was the appropriation out of this debt service fund was below what was needed for payments out of the fund,” Beres said.

Because there was always cash in the fund, however, the correct payments have been made. The ordinance allowed for $4,665 to be moved into the fund.


What happened: The council heard an update to the proposed 2020 Noblesville Comprehensive Plan.

What it means: No vote was taken. A vote will be taken at the Feb. 11 council meeting. For more on the comprehensive plan proposal, see cover story.


What happened: The council approved two transfers regarding staffing concerns.

What it means: The first transfer was in regard to three Geographic Information System staff members. GIS staff were previously housed in the IT department, but beginning in 2020 were housed in the planning department. The transfer allows the appropriations to be moved from the IT department to the planning department.

The second transfer was in regard to a budget mistake.

“This one is a bit unfortunate,” Beres said.

An operative position within the street department was mistakenly left out of the adopted 2020 budget. The position was an existing job. The staff member already was employed and had been left out of the budget plan. The transfer moves the appropriation from contingency in the Motor Vehicle Highway fund to the street department.