Carmel bakery fundraiser to support those affected by natural disasters


No Label At The Table founder Shelly Henley wanted to help those in need following national disasters in Australia and Puerto Rico.

The shop’s staff watched news footage of fires in Australia and heard about a serious earthquake in Puerto Rico, said Henley, whose Carmel bakery employs people on the autism spectrum.  The Kiefel family, which has a microenterprise that No Label at the Table helped launch, were home in Australia during the holidays.

“We sent messages and knew their family was safe, and not in the path of fires,” Henley said. “When we got back to the store, some of our favorite customers, the Lugo family from Puerto Rico, let us know earthquakes were still happening daily. Their family members and the residents in the southwestern area have been sleeping in the streets. We felt it was necessary to take some action.”

So from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 8, No Label at the Table will sell slices of passion fruit cake and decorative sheet cake slices. All money from the sales will be donated to World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit committed to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters.

Passion fruit is one of the favorites of both families, Henley said.

“It grows in Puerto Rico and Australia,” Henley said. “The sheet cakes will be decorated with the Puerto Rican and Australian flags, a kangaroo and a coqui (small frogs from Puerto Rico).”

Henley said the employees had fun picking out the animals.

“We can’t wait to show off their decorating skills,” she said.

Indianapolis resident Marlene Lugo said what Henley and the staff mean so much to her. When Henley asked what she could do to help, Lugo said prayers were welcome. A few days later, Henley told her about the fundraiser.

“We had tears in our eyes because we didn’t expect that,” Lugo said.

Lugo said her family, including her parents, live in the affected area.

“They had a big earthquake of 6.4 on Jan. 7 before sunrise and that earthquake changed their lives,” Lugo said. “They had no power for days, many houses collapsed or were severely damaged.The people were and are still sleeping in the streets, in small camps near their houses. It’s very sad what’s happening in Puerto Rico, people need hugs, love and prayers.”

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