Students steer blood drive


A Westfield High School class is conducting a blood drive Feb. 13.

Sydney Clifford, a senior and a member of the fourth-year course in the biomedical innovations class at WHS, said the class allows students to learn about different ways people can be involved in the medical field.

CIW HEALTH 0204 blood drive

“We do a lot of project work, and one of the things we do is put on a blood drive,” Clifford said. “The reason we do it is because especially during the holidays, blood supplies can go down tremendously. We are wanting to do it as a way students can be involved and the community (can be involved).”

In past years, the blood drive was open during the school day and only available to students.  This year, it will be from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. and open to everyone.

“We have always done it with students in the past during the school year. And throughout the entire day, students would get passes to get called out of class, and a lot of times students would have to sit for a long time waiting to get ready, and it took away from instructional time,” Clifford said. “Administration said it could no longer be during the school day, and we wanted to involve community members so they can see what the biomedical innovations class is all about and see what high schoolers are able to do from our position even though we are not adults.”

For more or to register for the blood drive, visit westfield-winter-blood-drive.