Column: Democratic socialism doesn’t exist


Commentary by Alex Morozov

The political reality today seems like a nightmare or a bad horror movie.

People in the U.S. are seriously considering voting for communist Bernie Sanders for president. Sanders is a person with a strong anti-American agenda who praises Fidel Castro and other communist leaders.

Sanders and his campaign are trying to make voters believe that they will build “Democratic socialism” in the U.S. They are luring people in, promising a lot of free stuff and fooling millions of Americans. Let’s make it clear, there is no such thing as “Democratic socialism” and there is nothing free in this world other than cheese in a mousetrap.

Every nation that has adopted socialism ends up like Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba or the USSR. Socialism has claimed more than 150 million lives in the last century. Socialism is nothing but corruption, fear, hypocrisy, lies and a constant shortage of basic necessities. Someone needs to produce all of the free stuff that was promised, but who will work if everything will be given away free?

The Soviet Union collapsed almost 30 years ago, but for my generation and older, for people who lived in this nightmare, it will never go away. We remember empty shelves in stores, people staying hours in line hoping to get basic life staples. And if you were lucky enough to get anything (even spoiled or rotten products), it was a great day.

I remember corrupted medicine when any doctor’s visit or procedure had to be secured with cash under the table. I remember fake news and socialist propaganda promising the collapse of the Western world and communism with free stuff for everyone, not today but tomorrow. This tomorrow has never come. However, very few in the USSR (members of the top of the Soviet Communist Party) had a great life and access to all the goods provided by Western civilization. Sanders is a great example of this socialist hypocrisy, making millions on fooling people and preaching free stuff.

Since any socialist regime requires control over people’s lives and minds, a strong repression/spying machine, like the KGB, must be created. If Sanders is elected, it is just a matter of time before we have our own U.S. version of the KGB. I came to the U.S. 27 years ago as a visiting researcher with $20 in my pocket and today I run my own businesses. This could only happen in America. The American Dream is for people who are willing to work hard. The U.S. is a great and blessed country and if we want to preserve our country and our lifestyle for future generations, we must vote against this evil socialist future.

If you want to see what socialism looks like, go to your local grocery store and walk down the bread aisle, the meat aisle, the toilet paper aisle. What you will see today are empty shelves caused by COVID-19 pandemic. We are all looking forward to the day when the aisles are once again full of every good thing America has to offer. If we hand over our nation to socialism, Democratic or otherwise, that day will never come.

Alex Morozov is CEO of Swan Software Solutions, a company based in central Indiana with offices in Ukraine.


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