Carmel city council resolution urges face coverings for employees in public places


The Carmel City Council on April 20 will consider a resolution strongly urging businesses to require employees to wear a face covering when they are within six feet of any member of the public.

The resolution is sponsored by councilor Tim Hannon, the only medical doctor on the city council. He said it is designed to protect employees and members of the public, as many people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic and can spread the disease without knowing they have it.

Hannon bus2

“(The resolution) is another mechanism to draw awareness to the CDC’s recommendations,” Hannon said. “When I’ve been out, certainly not all of the workers at the stores are wearing protection, and a minimal number of customers in the stores are wearing them. The resolution is in combination with the other messaging the mayor of the city has been doing.”

On April 14, Mayor Jim Brainard urged all Carmel residents and employees to wear face coverings in public. He has also requested all frontline employees be tested for the disease.

Most face coverings won’t completely eliminate the possibility of being exposed to COVID-19, but they are believed to reduce the risk of contracting or spreading it.

Resolutions are not enforceable, rather they express a formal opinion of a governing body. Depending on how the pandemic plays out, Hannon said the council may consider an ordinance requiring face masks in the future.

The resolution is proposed to expire July 1 but could be extended by council vote.

The council meeting will begin at 6 p.m. It will be a videoconference broadcast live on the city’s website and local access television station. Learn more at