Letter: Refuting ‘elitist and undemocratic’ thinking



I feel compelled to reply to Mr. Smith’s recent letter regarding “true taxpayers.” Renters do pay property taxes as part of their rent. In general, apartment complexes contribute more to the city’s tax base per acre than do single-family homes on half-acre lots. The assumption that renters are somehow less wise in their voting choices is condescending and based on stereotyping conjecture.   

Regarding the value of citizens’ votes, for over 200 years the U.S. has expanded the vote beyond “white male property owners” through constitutional amendments, state legislation and Supreme Court rulings. The idea that property owners are somehow endowed with the right to overrule a majority of voters is elitist and undemocratic. Voting will always produce winners and losers. If you want to win, you need to come up with winning ideas to attract voters, not remove the voters with whom you disagree.

Ray Montagno, Carmel