Letter: Republicans delay help for those suffering 



America needs Congress to legislate. That is their primary function. Instead, Republican members are focusing on six Dr. Seuss books, throwing out catch phrases like “cancel culture,” dissecting every word President Biden says, and holding up Covid-19 relief with nonsense like having Congressional aides read each word of the bill. All of these measures waste time and are not helping the vast majority of Americans who are suffering and need action from their government. 

While $1.9 trillion is a lot of money, it is a response to help us get through this pandemic and get our country moving again. It requires bold action, action similar to what President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did when he took office during The Great Depression and a World War. 

As we prepare for the 2022 election cycle, take time to study the positions and votes of candidates. What do you want from your elected officials? I know I want representatives at all levels of government who are working for Americans. 

Shelley Carey, Carmel