Snapshot: Sen. Ford raises awareness on Transgender Day of Visibility


State Sen. J.D. Ford, an Indianapolis Democrat, handed out trans pride flags to state legislators March 31, Transgender Day of Visibility, to raise awareness for transgender people. “It’s important, now more than ever, to show transgender Hoosiers, and in particular our youth, that they have allies in their government,” Ford stated. “Helping the 40 percent of transgender youth who attempt suicide has to be a public health priority. For the many young Hoosiers who look in the mirror and don’t recognize the person that they see, any public recognition of the internal struggle they deal with each day can be the difference between life or death.” Ford represents Senate District 29, which encompasses Boone County’s Eagle Township, Hamilton County’s Clay Township, and Marion County communities, including Pike and Wayne townships. Above, Ford hands out flags during the event. (Submitted photo)