Christian Youth Theater performers finally get to present ‘Junie B.’


The 12-year-old Carmel resident is playing kindergartener Junie B. in Christian Youth Theater’s presentation of “Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook.”

“It is hard to remember what a kindergartner acts like,” Kern said. “The character has tons of energy and is constantly talking and moving. It’s fun but exhausting at times. She’s a little goofy and obnoxious, and she’s not afraid to be herself. I like her confidence. It’s so fun to be funny.”

The eight performances, set for May 21-29 at The Cat in Carmel, are sold out but a streaming option is available for $20. There are two casts of 15 students each in the show, which was twice postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The show was cast in March 2020.

“I’m so grateful that CYT kept the cast together and are still going through with it,” Kern said. “I’ve been working on my lines for over a year.”

Kern appears as Junie B. in the finders/keepers cast while Noblesville resident Abby Mickelson, 10, plays Junie B. in the losers/weepers cast.

Mickelson, who is performing in her first play, said she has enjoyed making new friends and learning about theater. She said she likes playing Junie B. Jones because she and Junie are a lot alike — super energetic and silly.

Mickelson, 10, read several Junie B. Jones books in second grade.

“She always loved the books and thought she and Junie had the same sense of humor,” said Lisa Mickelson, her mother.

Lisa said her daughter has performed in summer camps with CYT and Youth Inspirations Theater.

“She sings and plays piano with Bach to Rock in Carmel, so she has performed for an audience before,” Lisa said. “The main challenge was memorizing lines because she has so many. It was also a challenge waiting since COVID pushed back the show so long. She has been waiting for over a year to do this show and can’t wait.”

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